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Patio Covers Sacramento – TCA offers you the most professional installation available for your patio covers. You’ll benefit from over 10 years of installation experience and product knowledge installing your new patio covers! TCA is one of the few companies to combine installation with its sales team, avoiding any miscommunication between sales and installation. “Installation is the key” – Ted Cordeiro

TCA’s competitive pricing, custom patio covers design, timely installations, and GREAT customer service outperforms other patio cover companies! We pride ourselves in the highest quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, making TC Awning the best choice for your patio cover!

Energy saving options will keep your home cooler for less and your outdoor entertaining a hit all summer long under your new patio covers.

Already have a patio cover? Patio TC Awning Patio Covers Sacramento add-ons like ceiling fans, lights, pull down shades, and extensions enhance your outdoor patio pleasure. A professional cleaning will brighten things up. TCA’s Professional Patio Cover Maintenance Service will help keep your patio cover looking new!

Patio Covers Sacramento Styles

Patio Awnings Sacramento - Covered Patios

Lattice Patio Cover – Lattice patio covers provide a beautiful outdoor environment for those who prefer to retain some sunshine in their patio setting. This option is also good for those who wish to keep natural light within the home. Typically, lattice covers allow a more flowing design to best match the curves of your landscape. Lattice patio covers are available in a variety of sizes and spacing. The shade provided may be from 30% – 70%. Electrical options are available.

Patio Covers - Covered Patios

Solid Patio CoverFlat Pan: Our most popular style of cover is a solid flat pan cover which is a great economical way to achieve 100% shade. A flat pan can be adorned with lattice trim to create esthetically pleasing curves and shapes. May also be adorned with many electrical options such as fans, lights, and outlets.

Solid Patio CoverInsulated Roof Panels or IRP: To upgrade to our IRP system the benefits will allow you to experience a cooler atmosphere, noise control, and is so durable you can walk on it. These qualities are especially beneficial on a two story home. Since this is the same system used to cover patio rooms, an IRP cover may be transformed into a patio room in the future. Electrical options are available.

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